Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas for Beach Weddings

Posted on August 25, 2011


If you want to look best at beach weddings, choosing beach bridesmaid dress is important. Beach weddings will leave unforgetable memory in your life. So storing unforgettable wedding photos will be very important. Some factors will be involved in perfect beach weddings such as tide, weather, animals, sand, and waves.

If at all possible, avoid floor-length gowns at the beach. These will be dragging in the sand and water, and become noticeably dirty very quickly. They make it even more difficult for the bridesmaids to move in the already cumbersome sand. Even ankle length skirts should be avoided, since they too become dirty quickly in sand.

For the best style, use skirts that are mid-calf length or shorter. They make it easier to move around and stay cleaner, and prettier, for longer. Mini-skirts should be avoided as well, since they are also very difficult to walk in sand while wearing. Unless the beach is going to be really cold and windy, avoid using materials like velvet, cashmere, or fur/leather.

If you want to have formal look,  adding some lace or crochet trimming. A clean and tailored skirt with a thick lace trim looks lovely and fancy.