Five Reasons to Buy a Prom Dress Online

Posted on March 5, 2012


Nothing is more exciting than prom night, and the events leading up to the big night can make for some wonderful memories as well. The anticipation of a magical night is enhanced in your pre-prom activities, from renting the limousine for the ride right down to getting your prom dress 2012. These days, you have many more options for finding the right formal gown to buy than in years past. Online shops are especially good to browse if you want a specific style or designer label.

Out of the many hot trends to choose from amongst all of the 2012 prom dresses, thigh-high slits are one that has been around the block a few times. These long gowns originally became popular in the 70s when designers such as Givenchy started incorporating them into their dresses. Basically they’re a standard gown (that doesn’t mean boring, simply long and glamorous) where the skirt has been cleft apart, leaving a long slit from hem to thigh.

One of the best reasons to choose this style of prom dress is that you are still prescribing to the norm where you have a long Petite Evening Dresses, yet you add a dash of awesome by having this daring slit showing off a bit of leg and thigh! So this is a rather versatile style of 2012 prom dresses!

Unfortunately dress prices usually come down the closer it gets to late April and May. If you want to take a chance and wait till the last minute, sometimes you’ll get a great deal… but you may also have to go with a different dress.What if the size you are doesn’t match the manufacturers chart? Let’s say your bust is a 38 which is a size 10 but your waist is equal to a size 6. Which do you buy? Always go with the measurement that is largest. It is easy to take away fabric when altering a dress, but not so easy to add on if you buy a size that is too small.

If you’re daring enough, you’ll love this style which has become a real modern classic! Not only is it sober enough to be classed as ‘formal,’it’s different enough to be seen as ‘fun’ and ‘sexy.’ There aren’t many formal dresses that can claim this, so you’ll also be looking quite unique in your pictures and will avoid looking the same as other girls which is always important at prom.

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