The wedding the bride must pay attention to small details

Posted on March 12, 2012


Wedding, a big day of life, as the protagonist of the day, every  Flowe prom dresses uk can be a beautiful bride, gorgeous wedding, sophisticated look, sweet smile … In addition, take a look at Bei children color asked the bride with a little makeup studio , eight small intimate advice, so that your wedding to be beautiful, generous, decent bride!
Do not drink too much
Excessive drinking will make you very inappropriate, so you want to control alcohol consumption, elegant posture until the wedding knot.
(2) wedding Do not be exaggerated
When you find a seat license for a relative or friend was gone, or forget to bring a scrapbook, you may be anxious, like a cat on hot bricks. Remember, no matter what happens, be sure to keep the peace and calm.
3 please stand straight
Holy wedding in the upright posture against the backdrop of the more even more beautiful Prom Dresses 2012. Stooped, the overall effect will be greatly reduced!
4 time to get something to eat
You and the groom spend a lot of time to customize the wedding, then why not stop to enjoy it? Even if it is a small cake. Hungry wedding is very hard to accept one thing!
Do not stop fiddling with hair
Wedding, many brides are always worried about the hair changes. In fact, the hair stylist for you to do a variety of fixed measures, your hair enough to stick to the end of the wedding. It is not assured, allowing the bridesmaids to prepare some small hairpin ready to help you fixed hair.
(6) to exercise maximum restraint some bad habits
Can imagine, when the bride in the wedding video, chewing gum and guests to speak habitually biting short prom dresses, must want to delete it immediately. So, be sure to restrain their habits a little trick.
7 Do not prepare too noisy music
In general, the guests were about 30% of the elderly, they do not like the noisy environment, so the sound engineer to control the volume.
8. Stop
Every one hour or shorter period of time to stop and you are busy bridesmaids dresses 2012, to savor the moment, feel the smile of the people around them, look at a groom. A moment of quiet makes you feel very comfortable.
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